Chamber Offer – Planning for 2019

2019 Marketing

Launching at Staffs Biz Fest, Staffordshire Chamber of Commerce event – How to be ahead of the game and your competitors.

Yes I know, not even Christmas yet but this is about Start Now Marketing, being prepared and having a coordinated and integrated Digital Marketing plan for the first quarter of 2019 and beyond.

Too many businesses, especially those in retail, fall into the annual trap of business promotion and campaigns leading up to Christmas and then, surprise surprise, January looms up and nothing planned or ready.

Red Live are offering a very simple approach, get your house in order, be ready with strategic marketing & campaign planning: Start Now Marketing.

The offer is a check of you: Where you are and where your competitors are and most importantly what you can do in Q1 to be ahead of the game.

We are offering a full digital review / audit service and your options may include:

    1. A Web Site Technical Audit
      • (SEO
      • Site structure / Architecture
      • GDPR / Security
      • Maintenance)
      • Plus a monthly support option as required.
    2. A Content Audit
      • Word / Blog Content
      • News / PR
      • Video / Images
      • Editorial Content Planning and
      • Monthly provision of content / news as required.
    3. A Social Media Platform and Authority Audit
      • Facebook
      • Twitter
      • LinkedIn
      • You Tube
      • Instagram
    4. Training Options
      • LinkedIn (General Profile Development and for Sales Lead Generation)
      • Digital Marketing Strategy
      • YouTube Marketing
      • Social Media Campaign Planning
    5. An eMail Marketing review
      • eMail Platforms & Templates
      • Database Management
      • GDPR Compliance
    6. A Video Marketing review
      • Guide on YouTube marketing
    7. A 2019 Calendar of key dates for content planning in Q1: January-March

Red Live Digital Jigsaw

To support the campaign, we offer “done-for-you” solutions or consultancy support for internal teams with a range of monthly fixed rate budget packages.

In addition, and also as a stand-alone option, we will provide a monthly news update (plus breaking news feed) of latest developments in Digital Marketing, GDPR and other news as deemed relevant which will include partner contribution content and promotion.

The 2019 post New Year marketing will include a range of events across the UK.

Time to start the conversation! Call John Heffernan 07977 440690